Business is all about making progress and in the competitive world of commerce, progress means finding the best advice, identifying key opportunities and having the infrastructure and capital to leverage opportunities as they arise.

As a single point of contact for a diverse range of business skills and services, QAF Brunei is able to orchestrate a project from inception to completion, or simply support and complement your company’s activities. Whichever part is the most appropriate, you’ll find us to be flexible and efficient in the pursuit of a productive and profitable outcome.

Any organisation is only as good as the people it employs; we employ experts at every level – people with broad commercial backgrounds who are able to anticipate and tailor solutions that are relevant to modern business practices.

Our diverse investments currently include publishing, computer technology, communications, air conditioning products, automobiles, food industries, shipping and the production of gases for industrial use.

Connect with QAF Brunei and you connect with a vast resource of business expertise, both in Brunei and around the region.