Brunei Oxygen Sdn Bhd (Brunox) was established in 1962 and has over 40 years of experience supporting life and industry in Brunei Darussalam. Brunox is jointly owned by the world’s largest gas manufacturers – Air Liquide of France and BOC Gases of UK – and QAF Brunei.

Brunox is the country’s main supply of industrial gases, including gases crucial to everyday life in Brunei. Our products and services are used by hospitals, factories, airlines, the army, tourism and agricultural sectors, scientific labs, hotels, and major oil and gas contractors – to name a few. In a nutshell, we touch every walk of life.

Apart from our core business of producing industrial gases, Brunox also offers industry-related equipment, services and training to clients. These include:

  • Fabrication, installation and commissioning of gas pipeline systems;
  • Gas-related onshore and offshore services;
  • Electrical welding and cutting equipment;
  • Training and management programmes.

Brunox is able to draw upon the expertise of our partners Air Liquide and BOC Gases. Both Air Liquide and BOC Gases operate more than 550 plants in over 60 countries, spanning five continents. Suffice to say, the technical support and R&D offered by Brunox to our customers is second to none.

With sound technical support, expert partner companies and dedicated staff, we will continue to provide the highest standard of quality in all our products and services. Brunox – Committed to Life.