QAF Farms Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of QAF Brunei, began its operations in June 2000. Its facilities comprise of a hatchery and broiler farm. The hatchery is located in Kampung Sungai Birau, Tutong, on 2 acres of hilly sites. There are 18 farmhouses, each having the capacity to hold 30,000 birds. All the farmhouses operate a closed-house system whereby the environment is controlled by equipment such as cooling pads, extraction fans and automated drinking/feeding systems. Hi-tech bio-security systems are also installed to prevent threats like bacterial contamination.

The hatchery produces day old chicks (DOC) for transfer to the farmhouses after a hatching period of 21 days. DOC produced by the hatchery is meant for QAF Farm’s use only. Upon receipt of the DOC, the farm keeps the broiler chickens until they reach the harvesting age (between 40-42 days with average body weight of 19kg). With our bio-security systems in place, combined with feeding and vaccination programmes, the broiler chickens sent to the abattoir for processing are guaranteed to be healthy and disease free.

QAF Farms is able to produce 180,000 quality, disease-free broiler chickens per month at the lowest cost, due to our effective closed-house and farm management systems. This translates into lower costs for our customers and makes our finished products very competitive for both the domestic and export market.

With a large domestic market share and ability to export globally – especially to Muslim countries – QAF Farms is quickly establishing itself as a world-class producer of poultry products.