In 1999, QAF Leasing Sdn Bhd was established and commenced operations to lease good quality continetal vehicles at competitive lease rentals. QAF Leasing Sdn Bhd has extended its variety of vehicles from BMWs, LandRovers, Opels, Mercedes Benz to Japanese models to accommodate a wider scope of clientele.

Whether you need a luxury continental limousine for that special, wedding occasion or a budget car for a long-term lease, a month’s lease or even for a day lease, QAF Leasing Sdn Bhd is here to arrange for a range of vehicles to suit your requirement.

QAF Leasing Sdn Bhd is the solution for your transportation needs. Email for an updated listing of cars or you may wish to contact Haji Masrie at office Tel: 2453828 ext:635, Fax: 2452150 or HP: 8111980.